Network Assessment

Before making the move to Unified Communications, organizations need to understand the ultimate benefits, the investment requirements, and the path that makes the most sense to support their core infrastructure. The Relevante Network Assessment sets and meets certain goals to ensure that you get the most benefit from the service. We conduct a full review of your company’s network infrastructure environment in terms of current functionality, as well as the network design, including current performance and ability to meet your requirements. The Network Assessment also provides a baseline for future technology implementations. Once our assessment is completed, you are able to make informed decisions about planning your IT budget, designing your network, decommissioning outdated and expensive equipment and assets, network infrastructure redundancy and scalability, future application support and network optimization steps, and issues surrounding latency, performance and utilization.

Relevante’s network assessment tools deliver critical direction to organizations seeking to converge and maximize the value that Unified Communications has to offer. Our network assessment tool is an independent, consultative analysis and test, offering an evaluation and business recommendation approach tailored to individual organizational needs. We provide recommendations and advice based on best practices, business strategy requirements and existing technology competencies. Whatever your network infrastructure needs may be, we identify areas of opportunity that will save your business money and resources for the long term. Once the Network Assessment is completed, we deliver detailed reports and review your results with actionable recommendations for improvement toward the target goal. With the Relevante Network Assessment, you know exactly what you’re getting: a roadmap to successful network optimization.


  • Consultative analysis and testing
  • Operational impact prior to the deployment
  • Actionable recommendations for improvement toward the target goal
  • The roadmap for future business application support