Workforce Management

Relevante offers workforce management software (WFM) that is designed for contact centers and back office operations. Having the right number of employees—with the right skills—in place at the right time is a critical link in delivering superior customer service and managing costs. Relevante offers enterprise workforce management solutions to help organizations strike the optimal balance between workload and staffing—in contact centers and across the enterprise, including branches and back-office operations. Our solutions help frontline supervisors focus on improving the customer experience while forecasting the right scale within the call center.

Forecasting, Scheduling, and More to Balance your Workforce with Workload

Relevante has helped businesses meet their ever-changing needs with our workforce management solutions. We provide consultation and professional services expertise to companies in just about every industry, including manufacturing, retail, financial, education, and healthcare.

Today, workforce management solutions comprise an innovative collection of tools that can be configured to suit an organization’s exact workforce management needs. Whether you have one particular goal to meet, or whether you are looking for a turnkey system designed to fully integrate all aspects of your organization’s workforce management, Relevante delivers.