Call Recording and Monitoring

There continues to be an increasing desire within contact centers to improve upon customer satisfaction and experience, in order to keep customers loyal and profitable longer. Call Recording and Monitoring may have been around for a long time, but it at the forefront of the battle to improve quality in the contact center. Whether done from the cloud or premise based solution, Call Recording and Monitoring have the tools within them to recognize patterns and anomalies allowing management to identify the root cause of the issue faster and in real-time. This real-time analysis and. Of course, the actions leading from it, can mean that customers’ hold time and call duration is shorter because of increased agent efficiency. Agent performance also improves as a result of measuring their performance on an individual level or within a team.

Call Recording and Monitoring solutions help companies by:

  • Reducing supervision time, by allowing the supervisor to choose which calls to review at a time which suits them
  • Increasing the effectiveness of agent training
  • Demonstrating the investment a company makes in its agents to reduce attrition and the cost of employing and training new agents
  • Rewarding agents based upon customer-focused metrics, which creates a better culture in the contact center and serves customers more effectively.

Call recording solutions help profitability, by:

  • Managing costs and improving operations through reducing the paper trail
  • Measuring agent and contact center performance based upon key performance indicators which the business chooses, e.g. average revenues per call, customer satisfaction rating, etc.
  • Changing the culture of the contact center towards balancing concerns of cost with loyalty and satisfaction, which interaction recording allows a business to measure
  • Feeding back into the whole enterprise, allowing knowledge transfer to occur rapidly enough to change a business’s direction immediately based on actual customer responses.

Call recording solutions can improve customer loyalty, by:

  • Measuring the contact center performance against metrics which matter to the customer, which will align customer demand with contact center success
  • Recording all interactions and analyzing them in depth means business processes can be improved and customer response acted upon immediately
  • Best agent practice can be identified and shared rapidly, and worst practice avoided
  • Reasons for poor responses to sales and marketing campaigns or product launches can be identified quickly based upon detailed analysis of specific areas.