Contact Center

As the primary hub of the customer interaction center, the contact center is the strategic nerve center of your customer experience strategy. Clients demand access through a variety of means – IVR, chat, speech recognition, web, social and more. In order to simplify information flow, it is essential to converge the traditional call center functions with the new contact center channels, aligning voice, email, web, fax, video, chat, social and wireless collaboration.

Relevante’s Contact Center practice will design, deploy and bring to life your end-to-end management of the customer experience by unifying customer data, contextual knowledge and interaction channels. Your agents and supervisors will consistently deliver a “high touch” experience to each customer.

How well and often you communicate with customers is a significant differentiator for your organization. That’s why your contact center’s role within your customer experience strategy has evolved in recent years to better support this thinking. It’s no longer just about having call center services that answer and route your incoming calls professionally. It’s about a complete customer experience that drives higher revenues and profits.

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At the same time, you’re trying to trim costs across your contact center operations, which is why you have questions about the best delivery models. These may include either working with a partner for the provision of technology solutions, or in some cases the complete outsourcing of your operations – delivered through an on-shoring or offshoring partner.

Powering the Next Generation Contact Center

The contact center infrastructure market is at the most significant inflection point in its history. The cloud-based contact center infrastructure market is booming and showing no signs of slowing, while the premises-based sector is continuing to hold its own. End users around the world, in contact centers of all sizes, are adopting cloud-based contact center solutions and considering this acquisition model an important enabler for their future. End users are also continuing to evolve and further develop their premise based solutions by adding key features and application integrations to get business results.

Relevante offers both cloud and premise based platforms. Our Contact Center solutions integrate disparate technology assets to help you meet specific business objectives and processes. Our contact center solutions can transform your call center into a multi-channel unified customer interaction center that includes:

  • Multichannel (voice, text chat, Web collaboration, e-mail, and video) services on converged networks
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) and business applications
  • IP networks and IP-based voice applications