Information Technology Solutions

Application Development: Gaming & Entertainment Service Provider

A leading provider of touch screen gaming and entertainment equipment wanted to obtain better intelligence on the usage patterns of the users of its equipment. The company wanted to obtain this information through its existing MS SQL Server 2000 data management infrastructure and develop user-friendly screens to allow various users to access the information. The company believed the data would allow it to better understand the profitability of various gaming lines and that it would be able to use this information to enhance sales presentations.

Relevante consultants created an Active Server Page (ASP) based web application that calculated the client’s weekly Game Credit Averages based on any user selected time frame. Users of this screen are initially presented with a web interface where they select a period of time from two ASP Calendar Objects. These Calendars were designed with built-in JavaScript validation routines to avoid input errors. Once the dates are selected, the application then queries the database via ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) and the results are calculated on the web server with VBScript. The time-based queries create a dynamic chart of the results which can be easily visualized by the user. The charting component used was Chart Director. The application easily identifies trends in game player’s habits and can also identify the degree of success with pre-scheduled tournaments. It became an effective sales tool that is being used by the client’s marketing team to accurately analyze the potential profit margin of each of the gaming lines. This information is also being used in sales presentations to potential clients.