Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Mobile devices are quickly becoming the primary communications and computing platform. This presents a new amazing opportunity for businesses to make their employees more productive on devices that they love to use. However, the adoption of smartphones and tablets in the enterprise introduce cost, security risk, and usability challenges that traditional IT management tools cannot address. A new management approach is required: Mobile Device Management (MDM).

Our Mobile Device Management solutions allow IT to leverage existing enterprise resources such as email, content repository, security certs and identity management, supports all modern mobile operating systems such as Android, iOS and Windows Mobile, and enables the use of both corporate owner and employee’s devices in the enterprise.

Our Approach

Relevante can design and implement secure management and access methods around suggested best practices for all mobile devices, including:

  • Hardware and OS version enforcement
  • Privacy policy and selective wipe to secure corporate data while protecting personal data
  • Compromised device detection
  • Passcode enforcement with embedded certificate authority to manage device and user identity
  • Certificate based security to secure email end-to-end and minimize the risk of data loss
  • Location services and automated policy workflow so non-compliant devices do not get enterprise access

Relevante has the right platform to help you implement a successful Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solution that makes your employees productive, respect their privacy while keeping your corporate information secure.