Outplacement Services

Relevante Outplacement Services:

Career assessments and coaching- based on their experience,education, and interest, we help candidates identify their next target careers.

Resume creation and optimization –we help candidates create a compelling resume that can get them seen by recruiters, selected by recruiting search algorithms, and invited to interview.

LinkedIn- we provide detailed step by step guidance for candidates to create and grow a LinkedIn presence that can get them seen by recruiters and selected for interviews.

Optimizing Job Board Applications- we help candidates to create a well formatted profile on Monster, CareerBuilder, Ziprecruiter, Dice, and other job boards to easily apply to suitable jobs.

Interview Prep- we help candidates with Interview Prep, Acing the Interview, and Interview Follow up.

Negotiating and Assessing Job Offers- we help candidates to assess the offer and compare/contrast with other offers. We help them to determine a practical negotiating strategy when necessary.

Market Research and Insights- we provide candidates with insights into the state of the market for specific job categories in the areas they are targeting.

Networking- we help candidates develop a customized,personalized networking strategy that helps that to connect with hiring managers and mentors to get advice and find them a job.

Curated Jobs to apply to- we do the research and identify jobs for candidates to apply to. We leverage our own networks and client relationships to present them for suitable openings.

Long term career planning Рwe offer guidance and mentorship for a personal plan to grow the candidate’s skills based on their long term career aspirations and market forecasts.

Competitive Fees.

Successful Track Record over 22 years.