Be Relevant

From Invisible IT to Relevant Partner

Don’t concentrate on what worked in the past; it’s time to focus on technologies that will delight employees and customers in the future.

The way businesses provide value and work has never been more dynamic: Globalization, cloud and social computing technologies, new workforce demographics, and obstinate economic conditions are all reshaping how and where work gets done.

In preparing for the future, organizations are rethinking how to define, deliver, procure, and manage their technology and business services. We provide forward-thinking companies new solutions and viewpoints that help navigate the challenges facing today’s enterprise businesses.

IT relevancy in the future will require adding strategic value to the business using technology as a driver and not an inhibitor. Connecting with suppliers, vendors, customer and employees can often be made faster, easier and more effective using collaboration tools such as instant messaging, presence and video. Employees no longer worry about having clunky computers and common hardware and software to perform their jobs, they increasingly use personalized devices that make them more effective and allow them to work faster.

Relevancy requires IT leaders to take an approach that’s very different from what worked from 1985 to 2005. IT departments must add value to the business and its users generating revenue for the company. It means the following:

  • Understand what users want and need. Interview your users and better understand how and where they perform their work
  • Implement new technologies that adapt to the users workflow, increase productivity and remove the obstacles of time so your users are always on
  • Be an expert in new tools. Being good at old technology is irreverent and waiting on new versions of old technology is slow
  • Create teams that go beyond what’s current and understand where technology is going and how it is evolving so you can build a roadmap and implement a strategy for how to shift your company’s competitive position in the market before it happens
  • IT leadership is delivering the future before people see it coming and popularizing your vision so users can do more than they imaged on their own – faster and better.