When we formed Relevante, we considered the challenges our clients faced in integrating their enterprise technologies and accounting functions to meet the needs of the global marketplace. They needed some way of tying it all together, what we thought of as a partner. But, of course, such a partner is formed from a complex set of solutions and services, always changing. A solution to this problem must be emerging, must be “relevant.”

Our clients like the concept, and we like the name.

At a most basic level, we have stated our mission in a promise to our clients and our associates: “Solving technology and accounting problems that get results.” This alignment governs our approach and has guided our focus with the mix of consulting and solutions we provide, demonstrating that our organization is designed to serve our clients. In short, we believe that care of our associates, disciplined financial management, and constant attention to the fundamentals of great delivery adds up to a successful, scalable business.

” rel•e•vante”

Relevante (adj.) – Closely connected or appropriate to the matter at hand.